Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun with Cream!

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This week I bought some fresh lightly pasturized cream from a local farm & I have to share with you two great things that came out of it!  First was Creme Fraiche using the recipe from this website.  We were having taco salad & I wanted something sour cream-ish to go with it.

When I was looking for the buttermilk for this recipe I could not find organic, but I did find "Cultured Bulgarian Buttermilk" by Darigold and it actually has active live cultures!  Sure it is twice as much as the other buttermilks, but I'd rather have "live" food than fake food.  I made my creme fraiche according to the directions, setting out for 24 hours.  At first it did seem quite thin, but after a couple of days in the fridge it has a consistency identical to sour cream.  The flavor of mine is a little more mellow- more "cream" than "sour", but still went well on our taco salads.  Then tonight I wanted something to go with my fresh red peppers and lettuce, so I sprinkled all purpose seasoning on top & used it as a dip- very satisfying!
(Nice repurposed container for my creme fraiche, eh?  It's glass so you better believe I was reusing it!)  When made this way creme fraiche is another great way of getting more probiotics into your diet too!

Now, I had about a cup of cream left & after a few days I was afraid it was starting to turn, so I decided to try and make "Cheat's Ice Cream" that I learned about here.  I whipped up the cream, adding in about a teaspoon of vanilla, a packet of Stevia sweetener, and a tablespoon or two of coconut.  Instead of raking with a fork every 30 minutes, I re-whipped (3 times) til it seemed frozen enough.  It's not exactly ice cream, but it is yummy!

My daughter informed me today that we must have green shamrock pancakes tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day!  No problem, I've got my sourdough starter out & I will use this recipe for sourdough pancakes.  You know what I love about this recipe?  No soaking of grains!  You're turning your sourdough starter into pancakes (also a great way to use up some starter if you've got too much).  My daughter really liked these last time- she said, "They taste like bread!"  She's my carb lover.  I might throw on a dollop of our "Cheat's Ice Cream" just for fun too!

The other fun thing happening in my kitchen today was I got my first order from Azure Standard.  I found a local buying group & I was so excited to get a lot of staples for frugal amounts!  And I learned a few things from my first time buying from them.  Five pounds of beans is a lot!  One pound of almonds is not very much.  And when or how am I ever going to use all those bay leaves?!  LOL  That's a lot of shredded coconut there too, but I'm sure we'll find a way to use it- I already started tonight!

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P.S. Next post I am going to tell you about my new found *favorite* pancake recipe...

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