Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fight Back Fridays

I am linking up with "Fight Back Friday" at Food Renegade's blog
and sharing about the sourdough english muffins.

All this week my daughter has been sick, and now I have succumb to it too.  Ugh!  I still managed to make "soaked tortillas" for our steak fajitas tonight, and I also managed to soak/dehydrate some almonds ("crispy almonds"), I've got "Soaked & Ready Oats"  drying in my toaster oven (my new toaster oven is much better than the old one- did you see my post about my "Exploding Toaster Oven"?)  And I also saved some leftover oatmeal & made multi-grain sourdough bread.  My dough was probably too sticky (perhaps not enough oatmeal?)  When I poured the dough into the loaf pans the texture was somewhere between marshmellow fluff & taffy- really!  So no wonder my loaves didn't turn out so pretty.  I'm sure it was something I did- because go over to Sarah's blog & see how beautiful her loaves are...  (sigh...)
Yes, today turned out to be a baking day- but because of not feeling well (not really "feeling" like doing anything) I didn't get any pictures except this one I just took right now.  Funny cracked up bread, huh?

I'll do better next week...  Good thing about colds... you know eventually they will pass!

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  1. Hi Lisa!

    Thanks for linking to my recipe! I'm sorry that the loaves didn't turn out perfect, but you are on the right track! Just from looking at them, I'd recommend a longer rising time when they're in the pan, and then make sure you slash the tops of the loaves right before you put them in the oven (with a very sharp knife or razor blade, slice into the loaves quickly about 1/2" deep.) Slashing will basically allow you to tell the dough where to expand (which it did on it's own on the side) rather than the dough splitting wherever. It will also (since the slash is on the top) make it rise up more during baking.

    I am going to be uploading a new recipe for whole wheat oatmeal sourdough bread next week, starting from uncooked oats, so keep your eye out! That way your next batch won't taste like chai unless you want it to! :)


    PS - I have duds every once in a while too . . . mine generally turn into croutons or breadcrumbs but french toast or bread pudding are also great options! Thanks for the inspiration!


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