Tuesday, April 8, 2014

How My Skin Tag Disappeared Using Tea Tree Oil

A long time ago I shared with you that after coconut oil made a wart on my leg go away, then I would try it on the skin tag on my neck (it didn't do anything).  I have had a small skin tag on my neck for many, many years.  It was an annoyance, but not severe enough to merit going to the doctor about it.  Recently I had been hearing that there were ways of getting rid of skin tags naturally, so I decided to do a little internet research.

The first method I settled on involved taking a piece of dental floss & tying a tight knot around the skin tag.  The point is to cut off circulation until the tag dies and falls off.  I had my husband do the honors of tying, but I don't think it was as tight as it needed to be because I started to feel pain & so he stopped short of making it as tight as possible.  The knot either slipped or loosened, because after a few days I noticed that the floss was actually half way up the skin tag, not at the base of it like it should be.  I didn't think much about it & after a week or so part of the skin tag did fall off.  However, the rest of it was still there.

It was sensitive to the touch, and I figured it should be disinfected.  Since I had also heard that people use tea tree oil to remove skin tags I decided to use tea tree oil daily, applied with a swab, to keep it disinfected.  I was using a 100% pure tea tree oil I had ordered through Melaleuca years ago.  I didn't expect anything else to happen, but it did.

After about 5 days I noticed that my skin tag was VERY sensitive and bothering me.  This was a Friday.  I also noticed it was a dark red color and when I swabbed it there was blood on the swab.  I applied tea tree oil to a band-aid and covered it.  I was concerned & even called to make an appointment for the next week with the dermatologist to have it removed.  (I didn't realize this was part of the process of the skin tag dying.)

I kept applying a fresh band-aid with tea tree oil morning & night.  On Sunday I noticed that the skin tag looked rather flat.  It looked like a scab.

My skin was also irritated from the band-aids and tea tree oil, so I switched to a tiny band-aid.  That night the skin tag looked completely dry & as I touched it I could see that it was like a dried scab about to fall off. 

 I gave it a little flick with my finger & that's just what it did- completely fell off!

Tea tree oil did it!  This was several months ago & there is no sign of where the skin tag was.  The redness/irritation from the tea tree oil went away within a day.  I decided to post pictures & my story because although I had read that tea tree oil would take care of skin tags I didn't know how it would happen, so hopefully this will help someone else!

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