Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shopping Trip to Chuck's Produce

I apologize in advance to any readers outside of the Vancouver, Washington area.  This post will specifically focus on a local store which provides some good prices on many "healthy" items we are looking for.  However, you may see items in this post that can be found locally for you as well!

Items I found at Chuck's:

Rumiano Organic Cheese

This is good cheese, and it's made with sea salt.  I first found this at Whole Foods, but it was $6.99 there and at Chuck's you can get it for $4.99!

Organic high quality unsalted butter

I like good butter for spreading on bread.  I buy regular organic unsalted for baking!

Alpenrose organic milk

Their milk is not ultra-pasturized (high heat treatment which damages proteins) and the whole milk does not have Vitamin A palmitate added (potato derivative).


Both of these salsas have no sugar added and use sea salt.

Organic hummus

This hummus is made with sea salt.

Sprouted Wheat Tortillas

Finding a "healthy" tortilla was not an easy job, but this one is it!

Coconut sugar (bulk)

Coconut sugar is not cheap.  Buying it in bulk makes the price more reasonable.

White Pine Granola

I love granola!  Finding a granola made without any sugar (just honey) was a huge discovery!

Sparkling water

Remember the Izze "soda" they sell at Costco?  Make your own with sparkling water and juice!  I prefer sparkling mineral water myself, but this will do too.

I hope this helps you!

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