Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your Own Real Food Tutor!

Did you see the latest update from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?  Watch his video update & notice he closes it by saying, "The one thing that makes a tangible real difference is food education and knowing how to cook real food.  It will change your life." 

Have you heard the buzz about several real food e-courses that are opening up right now?  I wanted to let you know about "How to Cook Real Food" from the Nourished Kitchen

Jenny, of the Nourished Kitchen, says this: It seems simple enough. Eat real food. Cook from scratch. Shop locally. But how do you make it happen in your own kitchen? Especially those of us who never learned how to cook — we were raised on microwave suppers, boxed cereals and toaster pastries. We all face the challenges of a modern life – balancing work and parenthood, all the while trying to feed our families healthier meals.

Jenny is going to walk you step by step through several things.  You can see a list what the classes will cover here.  She will cover things like: making your own bread, fermenting vegetables, giving up white sugar (!), and other great skills to advance you in your kitchen.  By the way, all the pictures in this post are taken from The Nourished Kitchen- so beautiful!

"How to Cook Real Food" is only $120 if you pay in advance- that's less than $10 per class! Or you can choose to pay in 4 payments of $35 each.  Classes start June 1st, so enrollment is only available until May 31st- hello, that's less than 2 weeks away- so don't put this off!

Click here to see the promotional video.  Then be sure to click back to sign up for the course from my blog (if you would like to help support my blogging: I get a commission when you enroll).  Click here to sign up for the e-course "How to Cook Real Food" from the Nourished Kitchen.

Next week I will let you know more about Wardeh's upcoming e-courses at GNOWFGLIN's.


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