Friday, April 23, 2010

Food Revolution

Tonight is the final episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (on ABC).  Have you been watching?  If you've missed any episodes ABC has them on their website as well.  Have you signed the petition that Jamie Oliver is going to deliver to The President?  You can pass this website on to your friends or post it on your facebook page.  I think everyone should be aware of what is really going into our kids' school lunches (or not going in) and even some small changes would be huge improvements!

I found this interesting article that shows how schools have implemented healthy changes (mainly in snacks/vending machines) and have seen improvements both in revenue as well as in behavior.

Check out this article about the high school in Appleton, Wisconsin that in 1997 dramatically changed the food available in school.  What I love is how their "experiment" has clearly shown that changing what we put into our bodies changes how we behave & feel.  Suddenly kids were behaving well & learning more- amazing!

We all want what's "best" for our kids.  I guess the question is, how hard are we willing to work for it?  Are we willing to work on prevention, not just medicating disease?  I hope so!  And that's why I signed Jamie's petition, because I would love to see some change!

I'll be back next week with some posts on "soaked" muffins & homemade Almond/Coconut milk.  Enjoy your weekend!


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